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Chapter One and Prologue

Sorry to keep you guys waiting so long. My computer crashed some time after I had finished the fourth chapter of the Tiamat Chronicles, and it's taken me this long to actually restore the story. Now, this installment is now different in some ways... New title. The basic storyline is the same, but some chapters have been combined, and others have been lengthened. The scene with Brooklyn and the raptor has been changed drastically to make it flow better. But anyway, this story contains zoophilia and other perversions from the mind of Denise Raven. You have been warned.

The Chihuatlan Chronicles

1:00 a.m.:

Travellin' Terry took a sip from his bottle as he idly strummed the badly tuned strings of his guitar. He raised his head and looked around at the contents of the railroad car he was hooking a ride in. His bleary eyes focused on a particularily large box in front of him, and he barely made out the letters on its side....

"Gen-U- Tech"


The sound echoed through the boxcar, sending Terry into a quick mindset of sobriety. The helpless bum cried out in fear as the train stopped. he hid himself and his guitar behind one of the Genutech boxes.

A woman's laugh cut through the mild summer night as she gave voice to her joy. The boxcar door was blown off its hinges, and the owner of the voice entered, swinging her bazooka to her shoulder with practiced ease. her red hair was accentuated by the brass crown-shaped tiara she war, and her eyes blazed as she looked around the boxcar, her tail lashing in fury.

"Ah," she murmured to herself as she spotted a cluster of small boxes in a corner, "the good doctor's shipment. Right on time."

She raised her bazooka, and with one low focus blast, the boxes were reduced to so much rubble. Demona chuckled gleefully as she discovered the large box that had so fascinated Terry earlier. She once again raised the bazooka to her eye.

Suddenly, a blue shape slammed into her, making her drop her weapon. She swore and whirled to face her assailant, her eyes glowing red with fury.

Bronx stood in the doorway. His teeth were bared in a snarl, and his bass growl filled the boxcar. He seemed to be laughing at her. Behind him, Demona could just make out the familiar face of Goliath.

She backed against the wall, considering her options. Goliath was stronger, and in this cramped space, she wouldn't be agile enough to elude him. The odds were against her, and she knew it.

Terry whimpered as the monster came into sight. He tried to make himself smaller behind the box. But it was too late. He was lifted into the air by Demona.

"Catch, Goliath!" Demona called as she flung the poor human at him. she picked up the bazooka and blew a hole in the wall. Minutes later, the only sign of her was a banshee-like cry in the night sky.

Goliath gently set the unconscious human on the floor. he shook his head at the damage done by the reckless female and her bazooka. Frowning, he picked up a piece of one of the damaged boxes, notingits insignia.

Bronx seemed more interested in the large box. Growling softly, he sniffted it, tearing at a small corner.

"Come away, Bronx," Goliath commanded, "Sevarius has already suffered enough tonight, and our quarrel is not with him."

With a final sniff at the box, Bronx jumped into Goliath's arms. Together, they soared into the night, heading back to Xanatos' castle and their clan.

The silence was broken as some scuffling sounds escaped from the box. A hoarse cough pierced the stillness as the creature inside awoke to the night. A large rip appeared in the box's side followed by another and another. Finally, the box gave up and simply fell apart, revealing Manhattan's newest tourist.

The raptor stood up and sniffed the air. The scent of the night was in its nostrils, and it was famished. It looked at the hole in the side of the boxcar and rejoiced. Here was its ticket to freedom, to feast.

But it paused, remembering its humiliating capture...and what had followed. A shudder of revulsion ran through it, and it looked at its tail, seeing the metal shackle that cut into its flesh almost painfully.

The sight seemed to enrage the creature, and it fought to be rid of the annoyance with both tooth and talon. But alas, the shackle remained unharmed, and aching jaws were the raptor's only reward.

The call of the night grew louder. The creature left its fuitile task for its embrace, making good use of the hole in the boxcar. Its killing claws would soon once again know the taste of blood. The raptor stalked away from the railraod tracks to find prey.

Chapter One: On the Job
12:00 p.m.:

The sun beat down on the pavement as Elisa Maza and Matt Bluestone walked along the sidewalk in front of the police station. They were heading to Elisa's unit after their first day on extended night shift. Their new hours were from 4 a.m. to 12 p.m., and Matt was not happy about it.

"Can you believe it?" he asked Elisa as they got into the car and drove toward the outskirts of the city, "Not only does the Chief take us off our regular hours, but when we've finally finished our shift, she slaps us with some animal control case."

Elisa chuckled, "Come on, Matt,"she teased, "its just some rogue pack of dogs or something. We won't even break a sweat, and that's saying a lot."

The car pulled into the parking lot of the meat packaging plant, and Matt let out a gasp of disbelief.

The door of the building had been ripped to shreds by what appeared to be talons, revealing more carnage within. The two big windows were shattered, and the whole scene looked like a homocide case.

The owner of the plant, a tall, wiry man, met the two detectives at the almost nonexistent door.

"Good afternoon, Detectives," he said, "Sorry about the mess, but the officer I talked to said not to touch anything. I've had to turn up the air to save the rest of the shipment. Follow me."

The storage room was a mess. Blood was splattered here and there like sesame seeds on a hamburger bun. Elisa noted that, despite the carnage, only two places on the meat rack were empty.

The manager noticed her observation and chose to remark upon it. "Strange that only two carcasses were tampered with," he remarked, "Any other animal would have ruined the entire shipment."

Elisa nooded thoughtfully and reminded herself to pay the guys a visit tonight....

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Oh, man! I thought this bad fic was forgotten! Thanks for posting it. Here's a drawing I did of Chi and some other Sues.…
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