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The Chihuatlan Chronicles

Chapter Two: Loneliness


The castle seemed to quiver with anticipation as the sun sank beneath the horizon. Elisa wiped the sweat from her brow and waited patiently for her friends to awaken.

Soon the familiar sounds of cracking stone filled the air as the gargoyle clan awakened. Goliath and the others jumped down from their perches and proceeded to greet Elisa in their various ways.

After she had hugged Hudson and Angela, petted Bronx, and said hello to the trio, Elisa let Goliath sweep her into his embrace. The two held each other close for a while, then turned to see Brooklyn staring at them with an odd expression on his face.

"Don't mind me," he protested with a sigh, "I only wanted to know if it would be okay if I patrolled alone tonight."

"Actually, Brooklyn," began Goliath, "that would be fine. I've been meaning to ask you to patrol the east side of our territory, by the docks. Genutech has been unusually active these past few days, and I need you to watch them."

Brooklyn nodded and turned to go, bumping into Broadway and Angela as they hugged each other.

"Hey!" Watch where you're goin'!" Broadway yelled, pushing the hapless gargoyle out of the way.

"I-" began Brooklyn, but the burly gargoyle was now kissing Angela. Sighing, Brooklyn launched himself off the castle wall and began gliding towards the docks.

Goliath drew his attention back to Elisa, "I fear Brooklyn was not helped by that encounter." he said to her.

Elisa frowned, "It makes you wish there were other gargoyles in Manhattan. But listen, I have to ask you guys to keep an eye out for something..."


Brooklyn tried his best not to get angry with himself or Angela and Broadway as he neared the outskirts of Manhattan. He hadn't even been awake for ten minutes, and it had already begun. Only Goliath understood what had been bothering the clan's second in command. But there was only so much comfort he could take from his leader... Maybe he should have seen what Lexington was up to.


Something hit the side of his neck, and he mentally cursed himself for being careless. Letting out a desperate scream of challenge, he turned to face his assailant, but his wings would no longer respond. In vain, he struggled to keep from losing altitude. Unconsciousness claimed him before he hit the ground.

A pair of reptilian eyes concentrated on the reddish-brown figure falling through the air. Its eyes glowed as it used the last spell it could remember to slow the thing down. Its magic was strong, but it could not prevent the broken leg and cracked rib suffered on impact. It paused and sniffed the air, catching human scent. She would have to leave her fellow reptilian until later: she doubted her pursuers meant well, especially having born witness to their treatment of him. Hissing through her teeth, she faded into the shadows behind a very fragrant target.

"Yeah, Hal, I think you got it!: came a cheerful voice across the parking lot, :"It might not be that dinosaur we were supposed to bag, but the Doc's bound to give us something for a gargoyle."

From behind the dumpster, the raptor watched the humans carry the limp figure away. Once they were out of sight, it began to track them.
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May 5, 2016


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