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The Chihuatlan Chronicles

Chapter Five: Introductions and Explanations

10:00 p.m.: Just outside Central Park

Angela and Broadway laughed together in the shadows beneath a rather large oak tree as they engaged in a very provocative game of Manhunt.

"Come on, Angie," Broadway pleaded, "I want to touch them this time."

"Stop calling me Angie and maybe I'll be more willing." she shot back. Secretly, she wanted to feel his hands on her more than he did. She just didn't want him to think that she was easy, like Xanatos' mate, Fox, was rumored to be.

"Okay, I'm sorry." Broadway said sheepishly, "I'm just so horny tonight!"

Angela smiled and took pity on him. She understood horniness. In fact, she would be quite horny herself if Elisa had not shown her how to banish those feelings. Unknown to everyone else, especially her father, Angela would now pleasure herself whenever she got the chance. Quite recently, she had used her tail to produce some very satisfying orgasms.

"You're horny every night." she teased him, taking his hand in hers and guiding it to her chest, "But I like you that way." she added as his eyes lit up at the realization of what he was touching.


The two separated quickly as Brooklyn's head appeared from the bushes behind them.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything," the white maned gargoyle said dryly, "but I have to ask you guys not to react too negatively to something."

"Sure." Broadway said, trying to act nonchalant at being caught feeling up Angela.

"Okay." Angela said, once her blush was gone.

Brooklyn stepped away from the cover of the bushes.

"Oh my!" Angela exclaimed, gasping in surprise, "Where's your cock???"

Broadway shook his head, "In his sheath. His doesn't hang free like mine. I guess it's because he's a half breed."

Brooklyn sighed. He had heard it all before....

"Okay, now are you guys ready to stop gawking at my sheath and pay attention?"

The two lovers nodded, and Brooklyn whistled.

The raptor stepped out from behind the bushes.

"Brooklyn! Look out!" Broadway yelled, his eyes flashing white.

"No! Wait!" Brooklyn cried, shielding the saurian from Broadway's attempt to rescue his comrade, "She's with me!"

The bulky gargoyle paused, "Oh." he said.

Angela was still suspicious. "She?" she asked, "And how do you know the gender of this creature?"

She was interrupted by the raptor. It was looking at her and making a hissing sound while tapping its large hindclaws against the oak tree's roots.

Brooklyn put a hand on the dinosaur's muzzle. "Steady, girl." he murmured, trying to calm the reptilian creature, "I don't think she likes you very much." he said to Angela, "But I still have to ask you guys to help me get her to the castle. I want to know if Elisa or Goliath knows anything about this."

Broadway shrugged, cracking his knuckles and sizing the raptor up.

"Okay, but I'm not going anywhere near that thing." Angela said.


An hour and a new loincloth later, Brooklyn stood before Goliath and the rest of the clan, trying to explain the prescence of his new accquaintance. Angela was not very happy about the raptor's appearance for some reason.

"Where did you get this creature from?" she asked Brooklyn, "Elisa warns us to look for a possibly dangerous carnivore, and then you suddenly waltz in out of the blue, with some meateating dinosaur. Are we supposed to welcome her with open arms? I don't trust this." Brooklyn sighed. Why was Angela being so difficult?

"Look," he said, "if you will remember, I wasn't there for that little bit of news. I just thought that I should bring her here in case Elisa had heard anything about a raptor being loose."

"Couldn't you have just said 'thank you' or something?" Angela continued, "You thrusted her enough to reveal to her the location of our home? This creature trashed a meat packing plant and showed harmful intentions toward me. Doesn't that count for something?"

"Angela, she saved my *life*. Does that mean nothing to you? Besides, she only hissed at you. Maybe that's raptor for 'hello'."

Goliath growled softly and came between the two.

"Stop your bickering!" he commanded, "Brooklyn has told us how this creature saved his life. We must show her some grattitude. And she has offered us no harm."

Angela opened her mouth to speak.

"Will ye not give her a change to speak, lass?" Hudson cut in.

The female gargoyle sniffed and crossed her arms.

"Hmph. She can't even talk."

At this the raptor, who had been behind Brooklyn, uttered a small sound and brought her tail into view. She tapped the metal shackle binding it and repeated the sound.

Goliath approached the saurian.

"May I?" he asked.

The raptor inclined her head in permission. With hardly any effort on his part, the offending piece of metal was removed.

All assembled gasped as the raptor began to change, her muzzle shortening and her tail shrinking into her hindquarters as her scales turned to hide. In moments, she stood before the clan as a human teenager, clothed in something reminiscent of the Native American way of dress.

Brooklyn stood in awe of this beauty. Her hair was like multicolored shades of brown silk, and her eyes were golden orbs, reminiscent of the raptor she had been. As he watched, she turned to his leader and smiled, revealing perfectly white, even teeth that contrasted perfectly with her cocoa skin.

"Thank you for removing the taint of silver from my skin." she said, bowing to Goliath, "I am forever in your debt. I, Chihuatlan Razortalon, of the shapeshifter dragons am at your service."

Goliath returned her smile. "I am glad to make your acquaintance, Chihuatlan." he said, holding out his hand in the traditional human handshake.

Chihuatlan eyed the gargoyle's proffered hand, raising an eyebrow at it, but then she smiled and shook it awkwardly.

"You use the human way of greeting." she remarked, "I apologize. We do not do this among my people, and I wasn't aware that gargoyles indulge in their ways."

"We've had a lot of experience." Brooklyn said, gathering courage enough to speak.

Those golden eyes focused on him and something passed between their gaze. Neither could move or break the spell that had suddenly been thrust upon them.

"Hey! We're not finished here!" Angela cried, breaking the connection between the two.

"Yes, I believe there was some question about my motives when I saved... Brooklyn, I belive it was?"

Goliath cleared his throat. "There will be no questions until we have all been properly introduced. I am Goliath, leader of the Castle Wyvern clan."

"And I am Brooklyn, second in command." Brooklyn said, "We've, uh, met."

Chihuatlan opened her mouth to say something to him, but was interrupted by Broadway.

"I'm Broadway," the bulky gargoyle said, puffing out his chest impressively, "second to Brooklyn."

Lexington shuffled his feet nervously, "I'm Lexington."

Hudson and Bronx were next. Bronx looked at the shapeshifter suspiciously, refusing to approach her until she herself made the first move.

"Hey boy," the compact beauty crooned, patting him on the head and letting the canine gargoyle sniff her hand.

Bronx was unmoved.

Chihuatlan tried another approach, getting down on all fours until her eyes were level with his. Strangely, this did not make her seem ungainly; it only enhanced her versatility. Making a purring sound deep in her throat, she calmly rubbed her head against Bronx's muzzle.

Brooklyn watched the scene between Bronx and Chihuatlan with mixed emotions. He was glad that Bronx accepted her, but, at the same time, he couldn't help feeling jealous. After all, he had seen her first.

Angela fumed silently at the way the clan was accepting this -this interloper into their midst. Something bothered her about Chihuatlan, and the hussy wasn't even bothering to greet her! Furious she approached the shapeshifter.

"Shouldn't you two get a room?" she sneered.

Chihuatlan continued to greet Bronx, turning her head to answer the irate female.

"That depends upon whether Bronx wants to let this greeting go deeper.

Indeed, Bronx even turned his head and growled at Angela, clearly resenting her interruption. Finally, however, he was satisfied with Chihuatlan and padded off.

Angela held out her hand to the shapeshifter.

"As you know, I am Angela, daughter of Goliath."

Chihuatlan returned the handshake with a smile that did not quite reach her eyes. She was grateful when Hudson gave her an excuse to drop Angela's hand in order to greet him.

"I hear your every word, wise one." she said, nodding in the traditional way of her own clan.

The older gargoyle chuckled, "It be only Hudson, lass." he said, but everyone could tell that he was flattered.

"Hey, Big Guy," came a new voice, "aren't you going to introduce me to Pocahontas here?"
Goliath turned and smiled as he saw Elisa. In under ten seconds, he had swept her into his gentle embrace.

"Chihuatlan, this is Elisa Maza." he said. But then he noticed the satisfied expression on her face.

"Something wrong?" he asked.

Chihuatlan smiled and shook her head. "You just answered my unspoken question of who's alpha female. At first, I thought it was Angela, but she seems to have a fixiation on Broadway. Also, she doesn't smell dominant. Elisa, however, is obviously your mate and therefore alpha female."

Elisa smiled. "Well, that's not a title I'd give myself, but, hey, whatever."

Angela frowned, "So then, what am I, Little Miss Knowitall?"

Chihuatlan shrugged, "I'm not sure." she admitted, "You would be beta female if you were mated to Brooklyn. He, however, remains single."

"And if Broadway were to assume the position of second?" Angela asked.

"Then, naturally, you could be beta female, but he will not."

"And how do you know that?" the furious gargoyle demanded.

Chihuatlan remained silent.

"Tell me!" Angela demanded shrilly. She took a step toward the shapeshifter, tense with anger.

"Cease this!" Goliath rumbled, directing his gaze toward his daughter. She did not back down, however, and this surprised him. He released Elisa's hand and growled softly, his eyes going white for a mere instant.

Cowed, Angela bowed her head and backed up to stand with Broadway.

Chihuatlan looked uncomfortable. "I have caused unrest among the clan." she said, looking down at the ground, "I am sorry."

Goliath shook his head. "I see that I have been allowing Angela to feel superior to others where rank is concerned." he explained, "It is my fault as clan leader, and I shall not let this happen again." He put an emphasis on the last part, making Angela flinch.

"So, Chihuatlan," Elisa began, acting like nothing unusual had happened, "what's your story?"

The compact beauty nodded, settling into a cross-legged sitting position. After a gasp from Lexington and Brooklyn and a shocked exclamation from Angela, she pulled Bronx down into her lap to prevent any indecent exposure. She had forgotten that she wore only a loincloth and what acted as a sports bra. She would have to do something about this as soon as possible, especially since she didn't like to appear foolish in front of Angela.

When everyone was satisfied the shapeshifter told her tale..............

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