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The Chihuatlan Chronicles

Chapter Three: A Friend In Need......

Brooklyn groaned as he regained consciousness. He was in a warehouse with some boxes. A window shed moonlight on him, and a draft from under the door made him very aware that he was nude. He moved his head to see chains binding him to the wall, and he almost fainted from the pain when he tried to breathe deeply. One of his legs wasn't responding to anything his brain commanded it to do, and, to add to his suffering, he couldn't even open his mouth because he was gagged.

A low purring filled the room, and the door rattled in response. Brooklyn weakly raised his head, trying to locate the source of the sound. Something heavy moved on the other side of the door, a staccato thrum, more of a scrape scrape against the base:  and a few seconds later, it opened with a distinct click from the locking mechanism.

Brooklyn's eyes flashed white as he saw the creature entering the small room. It was one of those freaking dinosaurs from that movie Lex was always making him watch! Velociraptor or something like that - he could see the big-ass claws on the hindfeet. He could do nothing but squirm as it came closer and closer, still making that odd noise.


He flinched at the horrible sound of teeth on metal as the raptor bit through the chain binding his tail. He stayed very still, not wanting to move and get one of his limbs caught between those deadly jaws. Finally, the dinosaur drew back, supporting him with its deadly forearms as it lowered him gently to the floor.

He tried to stand, but was rebuffed by his rescuer and his sore ribcage. It paused, as if assessing the situation. A blink happened, and then again another blink before a decision was made. Once again he was picked up as his savior carried him out the door and into the balmy night, the metal shackles still attached to his extremities.

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May 5, 2016


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