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Chapter 10: In memory of Talla :icontiamatshapeshifter:Tiamatshapeshifter 0 0
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Will You Ring My Bell (WIP) :icontiamatshapeshifter:Tiamatshapeshifter 0 0
Chapter 8
The Chihuatlan Chronicles
Chapter 8: A Consensus and a Trial
"We have met upon the matter of Chihuatlan's place in this clan." Goliath began, addressing everyone in the room, "We have argued every point and nuance that would possibly hinder her acceptance into the halls of Castle Wyvern. Of theses reasons, none was enough to deny her entrance."
Brooklyn's heart sang. So, despite Angela's protests, Chihuatlan was in? He couldn't believe it. It was almost too good to be true.
But of course....
Goliath continued, "However, Angela has given me pause at the sheer number of arguments she produced against our guest, and there is the matter of Chihuatlan's ties to her kind. A future king or queen cannot belong to different realms." He turned to the shapeshifter, addressing her directly, "You must search yourself and discover to whom you belong. That is all I have to say on the matter."
There was a general outcry as the clan realized what Goliath had decreed. Brooklyn leapt to his feet, ready t
:icontiamatshapeshifter:Tiamatshapeshifter 1 0
Mature content
Chapter 7 :icontiamatshapeshifter:Tiamatshapeshifter 1 0
Mature content
Chapter 6 :icontiamatshapeshifter:Tiamatshapeshifter 1 0
Mature content
Chapter 6 :icontiamatshapeshifter:Tiamatshapeshifter 1 0
Mature content
Chapter 4 :icontiamatshapeshifter:Tiamatshapeshifter 1 0
Chapter 3
The Chihuatlan Chronicles
Chapter Three: A Friend In Need......
Brooklyn groaned as he regained consciousness. He was in a warehouse with some boxes. A window shed moonlight on him, and a draft from under the door made him very aware that he was nude. He moved his head to see chains binding him to the wall, and he almost fainted from the pain when he tried to breathe deeply. One of his legs wasn't responding to anything his brain commanded it to do, and, to add to his suffering, he couldn't even open his mouth because he was gagged.
A low purring filled the room, and the door rattled in response. Brooklyn weakly raised his head, trying to locate the source of the sound. Something heavy moved on the other side of the door, a staccato thrum, more of a scrape scrape against the base:  and a few seconds later, it opened with a distinct click from the locking mechanism.
Brooklyn's eyes flashed white as he saw the creature entering the small room. It was one of those freaking dinosaurs
:icontiamatshapeshifter:Tiamatshapeshifter 1 0
The Chihuatlan Chronicles
Chapter Two: Loneliness
The castle seemed to quiver with anticipation as the sun sank beneath the horizon. Elisa wiped the sweat from her brow and waited patiently for her friends to awaken.
Soon the familiar sounds of cracking stone filled the air as the gargoyle clan awakened. Goliath and the others jumped down from their perches and proceeded to greet Elisa in their various ways.
After she had hugged Hudson and Angela, petted Bronx, and said hello to the trio, Elisa let Goliath sweep her into his embrace. The two held each other close for a while, then turned to see Brooklyn staring at them with an odd expression on his face.
"Don't mind me," he protested with a sigh, "I only wanted to know if it would be okay if I patrolled alone tonight."
"Actually, Brooklyn," began Goliath, "that would be fine. I've been meaning to ask you to patrol the east side of our territory, by the docks. Genutech has been unusually active these past few days, and I need yo
:icontiamatshapeshifter:Tiamatshapeshifter 1 0
Chihuatlan Chronicles
Chapter One and Prologue
Sorry to keep you guys waiting so long. My computer crashed some time after I had finished the fourth chapter of the Tiamat Chronicles, and it's taken me this long to actually restore the story. Now, this installment is now different in some ways... New title. The basic storyline is the same, but some chapters have been combined, and others have been lengthened. The scene with Brooklyn and the raptor has been changed drastically to make it flow better. But anyway, this story contains zoophilia and other perversions from the mind of Denise Raven. You have been warned.
The Chihuatlan Chronicles
1:00 a.m.:
Travellin' Terry took a sip from his bottle as he idly strummed the badly tuned strings of his guitar. He raised his head and looked around at the contents of the railroad car he was hooking a ride in. His bleary eyes focused on a particularily large box in front of him, and he barely made out the letters on its side....
"Gen-U- Tech"
The sound echoed thro
:icontiamatshapeshifter:Tiamatshapeshifter 1 1
Aniseye draft 2 :icontiamatshapeshifter:Tiamatshapeshifter 0 0 Tiamat's default eye :icontiamatshapeshifter:Tiamatshapeshifter 0 0 Larsciseyecon :icontiamatshapeshifter:Tiamatshapeshifter 0 0

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Number three of a series of pics one of the guys where I hang out requested. One of these days I will have to practice saying no, or wait for it to people. O was a free commission, and he he expected it the very next day. It did get done the day after.
Mlp unicorn style fairy
Commission of a fairy and unicorn from someone who bought me a sketchbook and gel pens for Christmas. I need to draw more humanoids anyway. Mix of color pencil and gel pens
Fire Dragon sketch
If only the library were open on Sundays I would spend it in the early morning eating at Coffee Fusion and drawing dragons at the library in full church regalia. Cause now I read fantasy during the sermon on my nook.

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The sensation of Chihuatlan's tongue against this feverish cheek startled him at first, but it soon became apparent that this gesture was meant to be anything but platonic. He moaned as the shapeshifter ran a hand through his white locks, and he put a halt to her attentions the only way he could.

............With a kiss. 
Chihuatlan felt herself surrendering to Puck's carresses as she returned his kiss fiercely. She climbed onto the bed, tugging at the sprite's shirt as she pinned his legs with her body. She let out a small cry of triumph as he took the hint and removed the offending article of clothing, leaving her free to lick his nipples. She touched the tip of her tongue teasingly to one of the tender nubs, making it hard and inflamed. Chuckling softly, she drew the dusky bud into her mouth. Giving it an experimental suck, she tormented Puck with her hands at the same time as she carressed his abdominal muscles. 
This drove Puck into a frenzy, and he writhed in extascy at her touch. He felt feverish, like he was burning up on the inside, and his member rose in response to the heat. 
Immediately Chihuatlan's hands were upon the bulge in his trousers, and she soon worked them down over his ankles and onto the floor, watching her prize. 
There he lay, his hand behind his head, unashamed in his nudity. He had nothing to be ashamed of, for his cock lay against his stomach, turgid and proud. 
{If that's less than ten inches,}Chihuatlan thought to herself,Her groin muscles clenched in delicious anticipation, and she couldn't bear to be away from his touch any longer. 
She climbed back onto the bed, rubbing her chest against his. 
Puck chuckled, "But milady," he protested, "you seem to be a bit burdened. I imagine that loincloth is very uncomfortable right now." 
As he spoke, he took his hands from behind his head, and with a few deft movements, the obstacle was removed.
Chihuatlan's loincloth was no sooner off than Puck's hands were exploring her nether regions. The shapeshifter moaned as he slipped a finger inside her, testing her readiness. It was more of a gesture of courtesy than any worry on his part that she might be dry. She felt like a geyser inside: hot, slick, and wet. 
The sprite withdrew his finger. He would come back to that particular treasure later, but for now, he had other things to sample. 
These things were presed up against his chest at the moment. Dipping his head, he laid a trail of kisses down her neck until he reached the hollow of her cleavage. There, he stopped relying on his lips and started relying on his tongue. 
Chihuatlan giggled and playfully tried to squirm away, but Puck stopped her with a hand against her back. 
Slowly licking up the side of her left breast, he used his free hand to work the flimsy straps off her shoulders. Still concentrating on the unfamiliar territory, he paused only long enough to pull the sorry excuse for a shirt off her. 
Having bared his partner's breasts to the air, Puck wasted no time gawking at them. Licking around the areola, he flicked her nipple with his tongue, playfulling mirroring her own mischevious behavior from earlier. He smiled inwardly at every moan of pleasure Chihuatlan uttered. 
The shapeshifter, for her part, was being driven crazy under Puck's skillful manipulations. Still, she was not idle throughout this. When she could think straight, she reached between her legs and grasped him in an erotic caress. Savoring the gasp that small action caused, she began to stroke her hand up and down the length of his circumcised cock. 
She had no sooner begun this, however, before she was stopped by Puck. 
"No more, Milady." he begged, "I need to fuck you. Later, we can go slower, but, for now, I need to rut!" 
Chihuatlan nodded her assent and relased him. Rolling off him, she lay on her back next to the hard length of his body. She had been about to explode herself, and if he hadn't made that suggestion, she would have. 
"I'm ready when you are." she gasped, her chest rising and falling as she panted her arousal. 
She could feel her heart beating like a trapped dove, fluttering against her ribcage. Her anticipation increased as he lowered himself onto her, and she trembled when she felt him nudge against her entrance. 
"You are trembling, milady." he remarked, hesitating, "Do you truly want this?" 
Chihuatlan swallowed hard, "First, answer one question of mine." 
"Why are you circumcised?" she asked. 
Puck chuckled softly, "Because the Lady Titania willed it to be so. Why do you ask?" 
"I like the way it looks." she asnwered, "I am ready." 
He entered her in one smooth movement and was surprised when she cried out in pain. 
"You are virgin!" he cried, kissing her lovely mouth to help soothe the hurt, "I did not know." 
"I am only a virgin in form, and even then not any longer." she said, smiling in smug satisfaction. 
"So it was with Talla when I took her." 
The shapeshifter silenced him with one swift movement of her hips. 
"Let's not talk about my cousin." she said, nuzzling against his chest, "Tonight is for you and I." 
He smiled his agreement, and he finished his halted thrust, burying himself to the hilt in her velvety depths. She cried out again in pleasure this time, and met his thrusts feverishly. He filled her senses, her touch, her taste, and her sight and smell were full of him. She could hear the way he grunted when he was thrusting into her, and she relished his brief withderawal. Her nerves were on fire, and she couldn't hold out much longer. 
Puck knew she was close, and he increased his pace, bucking with gusto against her. Her orgasm tightened her walls around him, and he wrapped his arms around her, hugging her close. 
Chihuatlan sighed in fulfillment as she felt Puck's arms around her. The next thing she knew, her world spun as Puck rolled off her to lie on his back. Chihuatlan found, to her surprise, that she was the one in the dominant position. This sent a new thrill of arousal through her, and she began rocking her hips back and forth, putting her hand against Puck's chest to steady herself. She felt Puck sitting up to give her a better angle, and she contracted her walls against his cock appreciatively. 
Now she sped up, savoring the feeling of Puck's prick inside her. Her breath came out in gasps, and she fought to give her partner the second most pleasurable experience of his life. 
Puck gritted his teeth. He had wanted to give Chihuatlan another orgasm before losing control, but it seemed impossible. With a cry of anguish, he sent his seed deep into the shapeshifter, burying himself to the balls in her tight snatch. He was once again astonished by the shapeshifter as she cried out, caught up in the throes of her own orgasm. 
Soon the spasms settled down, and as one, Chihuatlan and Puck collapsed: he to lie back upon the bed, and she to lie upon his stomach. In this position, and still joined, they fell into a deep sleep. 
They did not hear the sounds in the hallway, nor were they available to see the door opening...
Chapter 10: In memory of Talla
When in doubt, feel it out
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"Isn't anyone trying to find me? Won't somebody come take me home?"

Marcus and Chantrelle first danced to that song in my fanfiction. It was the second one I'd written, and Slytherin was having a party to celebrate their win over Gryffindor in Quidditch. He almost chickened out, but she went and found him, then asked for her dance. He'd said something along the lines of, "I can't." But she wasn't having it. I actually wrote that scene to "With You." and the ending struck me as super cute and touching. So that's why the fanfic is titled, "With You." I'm debating doing a comic of it to go with the picture of her as a Beater lobbing the bludger back to Reese. I'm also kicking around an idea about how Rihanna's "Te Amo" makes a good songfic. The current fanfiction, "Night Riding" is about Chantrelle having to do something rather unconventional to make up for some impusive choices she made earlier. It's hard not to tell the story from Marcus' point of view since I'm used to assuming the viewpoint is his. Ah well.


Shaeyera Drache
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